Community Ambassador

Solutions Team

As an Ambassadoryou will serve as a ‘Select Member of Solutions team deployed to support NRDC-IE Members in your community access grants.  The Solutions Team serves in:

  • Identifying organizations, entrepreneurs and or innovations in select communities/regions that are deserving of NRDC-IE Grant Accelerator Funds
  • Provides supportive knowledge and expertise that can support area projects in receiving funding
  • Builds supportive partnerships that strengthens the regions applications in receiving grant funding

Grant-Writing C.R.E.W.TM

As an Ambassador, you will serve as a ‘Select Member of the Grant Writing Team (C.R.E.W.), where you will find out this team is not your ordinary team as its focus goes far beyond grant-writers training or workshops and directs support that accelerates grants into select communities/regions.  Efforts serve to support those that have been left out of accessing the trillions of dollars in granting opportunities.   The CREW serves in:

  • Supporting NRDC-IE members in accessing the tools needed to:
  • Develop their grant concept and prepare specific grant sections of their proposal.
  • Get “grant-ready” and successfully submit their first/next grant proposal
  • Complete a common grant application for submittal in 3 Days (over a 3 Week Period)
  • Customize their grant applications to their organization (using MHM’s Full Grants (that have been awarded) and Grants Resources Library)
  • Access the NRDC-IE Grants Portal and Accelerator Fund that awards grants to organizations to Members!
  • Access MHM’s grants library

Grants Opportunity Platform

As an Ambassador, you will receive a $1,000 stipend to facilitate the coordination of a Grants Opportunity Platform Symposium in a select community/region that will serve to catalyze efforts towards securing grants for the area. The Grants Opportunity Platform will serve in supporting the NRDC-IE Ambassador in serving as an area leader supporting NRDC-IE in:

  • Solidifying Local Location and Sponsors
  • Identifying Local Foundations for Symposium Support
  • Engaging a Local Leaders to serve with the NRC-IE Panelists and as part of the Symposiums Ambassadors’ team
  • Support NRDC-IE’s Marketing Team in RSVPs for the Symposium (including local media, radio, and speaking platforms pre-event)
  • Helping area residents/organization get “symposium-ready” so that they can take the 3-day Grant Challenge – to receive a grant (ranging from $5,000 to $25,000)
  • Identify local Partnerships: Innovators and CBO/FBO to Receive: Environmental Sustainability
  • Identify local Organizations: Schools/Districts and CBO to Receive: Equity in Education Grant
  • Identify local Affiliate Organizations: Chambers of Commerce to Receive: Economic Opportunity Grant