The National Resources Development Council for Inclusion and Equity (NRDC-IE) was formed by 10 Power Executives committed to making Grants, Wealth Building (Asset Ownership), and Healthy (Financial and Physical) Living Inclusive and Equitable for women. The group has created an Accelerator Fund that will empower creative and passionate black, minority and other women in achieving their entrepreneurial plight, services and business expansions together via grants,  group economics, and access to essential resources and data driven solutions teams.

Powered by M.H.M. & Associates Enterprise, Inc.’ e3p3 Model
In association with the University of Southern California, School of Public Policy – Center for Economic Development; the Loma Linda University School of Public Health – Center for Community Resilience; and a Private Foundation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does it mean to be a NRDC Executive?  A NRDC Executive Member is someone that is willing to assist the NRDC in creating a system that fosters inclusion and equity for Black and Other Minority Women and other minority populations as the NRDC grows the system is strengthened.  Executive Members will receive grants… to grow their business (priority passion projects), residual income and asset ownership opportunities (through group economics. P3’s.  and a shared portfolio), and coaches effective in advancing healthy (financial) living
  • What is the NRDC-IE On-line Portal?  It is the platform in which Executive and General Members have access to three rooms designed to Increase Access to Grants, Build Your Business in the Black, and Empower Members (Entrepreneurs in creating the Lifestyle they desire
  • What is E3P3? E3P3 is a model trademarked by M.H.M. & Associates that demonstrates an elevated way to access grants that support Environmental Sustainability, Economic Opportunities, or advance Equity (in Education, Health, Social Services, and Social Justice) using Public, Private Partnerships).  The model helps to support applications in being a part of the grant pool that receives 58% of all grant funds allocated each year. 
  • What are Solution Teams? Solutions Teams are comprised of Industry and Subject Matter Experts that are paid to assist with securing grants and once funded, they are capable of managing, marketing, evaluation, providing technical expertise, consultation, and/or direct services to help ensure the grant is carried out effectively. Solutions team often work to support NRDC-IE Priority Projects in getting funded
  • Where do Solutions Team come from? Solutions Team members participate in a training offered by M.H.M. & Associates, CEEM, and Luvicent Inc. to then be included in grants to be member of a Solutions Team.  A database of trained Solutions Team members will be created in 2021 for use by NRDC-IE and other grant seekers.
  • How do I secure grants under the NRDC-IE?  There are three ways that members receive grants under the NRDC-IE: 1) They are trained and educated on how to secure grants using the e3p3 Model (for General and Executive Member); 2) They participate in 90 Day Challenges (for General and Executive Members); and 3) They present their priority passion project to the NRDC-IE Executes and Directors to secure grants for them/their idea/their business) (for Executive Members Only)
  • When will MHM & Associates (MHM) give me access to their grants library and/or write grants for my business or non-profit as a NRDC-IE Member? General and Executive member get access to MHM’s grants library from the very beginning. Varying levels of accomplishments and progress opens up different access points of the library. MHM also gives NRDC-IE member access to its Grants Writer Software at varying levels of progress as well.  Grant writing by MHM’s gran writers for NRDC-IE members does not happen until Members have completed all three growth tracks and have reached the milestone of being eligible to be a MHM Premier or Cluster Client. These opportunities are made available directly and solely with MHM
  • What are Solutions Team Training (s)? – Currently NRDC-IE uses MHM identified Industry and Subject Matter Experts. Training for additional team members will begin in the spring of 2021
  • What are NRDC-IE e3p3 Events? – These events will be held annually to advance opportunities to support Environmental, Economic and Equity projects, technologies or programs with MHM established P3’s. The events will all provide support for participants to better understand how they should be more involved with being a part of the NRDC-IE platform that increases access to grants, builds wealth (doing well while doing good) and fosters a lifestyle deserving of every entrepreneur
  • Clarify 90-day Challenge – All NRDC-IE General and Executive members will have access to 90 Day Challenges and the NRDC-IE Accelerator Fund (that supports issuing grants to NRDC-IE Members).  For General Members the goal is to increase access to grants, grow your business, or increase quality of living/lifestyle. For Executive Members the challenges are to generate residual and diverse income streams through group economies. Note: Executive Members can participate in General Members’ 90 Day Challenges
  • What are the Components of the 90 Day Challenges? – There are multiple challenges that are currently being created for the General Member 90 Day challenges.  Specific components will focus on accelerating outcomes related to accessing grants, business growth, and living/lifestyle enhancements.
  • Who are the Potential NRDC-IE General Members? – Any entrepreneur/individual representing an agency, business or innovation seeking to accelerate outcomes related to business growth, access to funding, or quality of living.
  • Who are the potential NRDC-IE Executive Members? – Black (and Minority) Women entrepreneurs/individuals (First Year) representing an agency, business or innovative idea (their Priority Passion Project) capable of being national in scope in its impact, that are willing to assume a leadership role in the NRDC-IE in building the system that works for ‘us’.  Note: Executive members may also be seeking to accelerate outcomes related to business growth, access to funding, or quality of living.
  • How do Black/Other Minority Professional Men become NRDC-IE Executives? –  They don’t.  Men will be given the opportunity to serve as General Members, Directors of the Accelerator Fund, NRDC Directors, and Solutions Teams “Industry and Subject Matter Experts.
  • What do NRDC-IE Executive Members have to commit to? Participating in group economics (that includes 90 Day Challenges, identifying targeted general and executive members, provide testimonials as NRDC-IE leaders experiencing how the NRDC-IE platform has helped to accelerate outcomes for them in accessing grants/funds in growing their business, securing diverse revenue streams, and in building the quality of life and lifestyle desired, serving as Industry Experts (post training) to be included in grants, and strategy meetings
  • How many Executive Challenges Are There? – As an Executive you agree to three (3) Challenges: 1) Membership – Where you serve to engage a select number of General Members; 2) Where you serve to engage a select number of Executive Members each quarter; 3) Where you agree to participate in NRDC-IE Group Economics’ 90 Day Challenges.
  • What is the goal of the Membership Challenge? Currently for NRDC-IE Executives are the only ones with Membership Challenges.  Currently the goal is to quickly identify those with skills and expertise to serve as Directors of the NRDC-IE and of the NRDC-IE Accelerator Fund. Those excelling in the membership and other challenges, will be asked to be a NRDC-IE Director (Recruitment happening years 1 and 2 only)
  • What is a NRDC-IE Director – NRDC-IE Directors will support seven (7) key areas of the overall platform (See Directors Manual/NRDC-IE Overview). These seven areas will support the management of the Fund (Accelerator), Asset Acquisitions. Business Marketing, Revenue Sharing Partnerships, and Grant Giving (by the NRDC-IE)
  • Explain the Passion Project and what I need to do? Member’s Priority Passion Project is the one thing that they are passionate about and skilled in that has potential to make local and global impact if supported (financially, with expertise, and with well-defined business growth strategies). Once the NRDC-IE (Business and Life Coach) approves your Priority Passion Project, you will begin creating 90 Day benchmarks to make your PPP happen at an accelerated pace.
  • What is Group Economics? s creating and exchanging resources (e.g., currency, talents, gifts, skills, goods and services) that a group deems valuable amongst another.
  • What is NRDC-IE Group Economics? It a group of women, committed to creating a system that works for them, working together to in 90 Day intervals/sprints using their talents, networks and resources ((e.g., currency, talents, gifts, skills, goods and services) to assist someone in the group in advancing their earnings, currency, goods and services that a group deems valuable amongst another with an agreed to shared profits revenue model. 
  • What is a shared portfolio? It a group of women, committed to creating a system that works for them, working together to acquire assist through use of a NRDC-IE portfolio that advances their earnings, currency, asset ownership, and sustained revenue.
  • What if I am not a Black Female Entrepreneur, how is the NRDC-IE for me? – The NRDC-IE believes that everyone is an entrepreneur, some people just have not realized this yet or are more content feeling safe than being free.  Our focus is to afford those women that have been marginalized the most the greatest opportunity to experience freedom first; however, the platform is being designed to impacts and support the masses.