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National Resource Development Council for Local Governments

The NRDC-LG was formed by M.H.M. and Associates Enterprise, Inc. (MHM) in association with the University of Southern California, School of Public Policy – Center for Economic Development; the Loma Linda University School of Public Health – Center for Community Resilience; and TCU Community Partnership. The Council serves the e3p3 Model Cities by directing the expertise and resources necessary to effectively bring local control and power to city government in redefining how healthy living and American prosperity is made accessible to all. With a focus on environmental sustainability, economic prosperity, and equity (in health, education, and other public services) the Council develops concepts and logic models designed to empower cities to introduce new systems, and serve as pioneers in sustaining healthy living and lifestyles among all area residents.
The Council is made up of the following members:



Luvina Beckley Knight, MHSA – Chairwoman of the NRDC-LG.

Luvina is the CEO and President of M.H.M. & Associates Enterprise, Inc. (MHM). She is a visionary leader with over 22 years of executive level management experience. A dynamic facilitator in the design and implementation of systemic strategies, Luvina created the conceptual framework of the e3p3 Model for Cities. Her leadership and coaching skills (previous NCAA-CCAA Coach of the Year for Div. II Women’s Basketball), now extend to business and government leaders across the U.S. A member of the National Assn. of Female Executives, Southern Poverty Law Center, and Co-Director of the Coalition of Concerned Women of the I.E. Luvina is a graduate of CSU San Bernardino.

Caron Battle

A lifelong learner and lifelong teacher. Have spearheaded and led varying people groups in project management initiatives while adhering to time frames and agreed upon deliverable. Proven leader in training and development for Fortune 500 companies and government entities; and, have developed and implemented county and company-wide training. As a change agent, I have spent the past two decades working collaboratively with all levels of leaders within the company structure to improve processes, engage personnel and ensure adherence to civil rights laws related to the Americans with Disabilities Act with a particular lens to remove barriers associated with access to employment, programs and public spaces

Tanya Burke – Executive Member

E3— Social Justice | Past Mayor Pro-Tem City of Perris
Tanya Burke served as a councilwoman and mayor pro-tem for the city of Perris. Burke consistently brought determination, passion, and commitment to the city of Perris, her accomplishments awarded her several accolades.

Kim Carter – Executive Member

E3— Social Justice | CEO of Time for Change
Kim Carter is the Founder and Executive Director of Time for Change Foundation.  Motivated by her own experiences as a formerly incarcerated woman, Kim made it her mission to help women and children make the transition from homelessness and recidivism to self-sufficiency. Today she is a powerful voice for women who bear the scars of poverty, homelessness, and incarceration.

Robin Trotochau, NRDC- Executive Member

Robin is a visionary land developer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, mother, animal lover, and hard worker who believes in miracles. Robin is a previous President of Stone River Realty Inc and a member of Robin S. Trotochau & Associates, LLC., and a Past Member of Desert Hot Springs Land and Development LLC. and CA1REAL Estate Development. Her strength is her passion for sustainable development that will benefit all generations. She is a leader that has implemented alternative energy solutions, and supports wind, solar and geothermal energy production. Her developments are templates for the future of sustainable communities.

Kim Kirner, Ph.D. – Executive Member

Kimberly, an inter/faith enthusiast and a committed horse trainer, is constantly on the speaker’s circuit promoting cultural diversity, personal development, grassroots solutions to social problems and believe it or not: World Peace. Kimberly’s passion as a social scientist serves in moving beyond the rhetoric to firmly establish an understanding of culture that greatly contributes to the personal and global growth of people and our nation. To this end, Kimberly pursued her doctoral degree in Cultural Anthropology and began her grant writing career with the University of California, Riverside in 2002. Later Kimberly was able to develop her skills at a different firm as a Grant Specialist- focusing primarily on city and government grants. In 2009, Kimberly joined M.H.M. & Associates’ team of professionals as a Senior Grant Writer and has been instrumental in the various grant development educational platforms used by MHM in creating grants and offered via MHM’s website for its Premier, Cluster and Member Clients.

Tammie Watson – Executive Member

Tammie Watson serves as the Co-Founder of TE2 Enterprises. She is a professional Life Coach that promotes a Life Worth LIving. An advocate of family first, residual income and being and living debt free serves as a mainstay in Coach Watson’s” approach to business and life.

Yolanda Woodard – Executive Member

Yolanda Woodard – Yolanda Woodard is the CEO and Founder of We The Woman of America! As the CEO Yolanda has spearheaded U.S. legislation for women and has created the 8 rights that women have that empower women. A federal, state and Locally recognized leader, Yolanda maintains a broad history of successes in the entertainment industry as a producer, as a philanthropist, and as an advocate for women’s rights.

Denita Draper – Executive Member

Denita Draper serves as the Founder of Living the Dream after being donated to a home that she then donated to a church to help others live the dream of having a roof over their head. Denita was recognized by the State of Illinois for her 20+ years of service to the Police Department 911 Leadership and creation of plans still being used today, state-wide.

Tunua Thrash Ntuk, MPA – NRDC-LG Co-Chair of the Public Private Partnership Committee.

Tunua is the Executive Director of the West Angeles CDC, she oversees more than $100 million in real estate assets and development projects, has brokered public-private relationships with equity partners, and structured complex financing from multiple sources. Tunua is a member of the Urban Land Institute, chairs the LA Metro Crenshaw to LAX Community Leadership Council, is a Board Member of the Los Angeles Development Fund and the Greenlining Institute, and a former Commissioner of the L.A. Convention Center. She received her Masters in City Planning from MIT with an emphasis on Urban Economic Development.

Deborah Robertson, MPA – Executive Member

Deborah was elected Mayor of the City of Rialto in 2012. Mayor Robertson’s career includes 14 years on the Rialto City Council, leadership positions at the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), the San Bernardino Associated Governments, and more than 20 years with the CA Department of Transportation. Under her leadership, Rialto has gained national recognition for innovation in the areas of public-private partnerships, business development, job creation, and financing/restructuring the city’s water/wastewater operations. She currently chairs the Energy and Environment Policy Committee for SCAG and is their representative on the NRDC-LG. She has a Masters degree from the City University of New York, and is a National Urban Fellow.

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