Making Grants, Wealth and Healthier (Financial Living) 2021 Webinar Orientation

This webinar is required of all NRDC-IE Executives and Accelerator Grant Recipients under the following programs:

2021 177 Inclusion and Equity (Campaign 2021)

Environmental Sustainability (E1)

Economic Development and Opportunities (E2)

Equity (in Education, Public Health, Health Services, Social Services, and Social Justice) (E3)

Small Business Development (Priority Project)

We will discuss key provisions and opportunities being made available to Executive Members and Accelerator Grant Recipients. We will discuss how our Group Economics model and Grants Accelerator will increase the number of Black and Minority Women Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Business Owners in having increased access to grants, assets (wealth building opportunities), and coaches/solutions teams committed to accelerating outcomes for your business or business idea in just six-months.  We will also address responsibilities of federal, state and local funders to include us in grants and contracts and access to asset ownership opportunities per civil rights and the war on poverty and injustices and inequalities in wealth building opportunities.


Dec 23 2020


12:00 pm




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