Public Private Partnership Investing in Wastewater

  • Funding Innovation through P3s
  • Customized Solutions with the Environmental Sustainability Solutions Team

Join us while we offer real opportunities for participants to form for partnership with financial, operational, and strategic partners to move innovative projects forward. Gain access to our standard Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which can be customized and utilized to form Partnerships that enable  project initiation. The Environmental Sustainability and Solutions Team will present customized solutions to challenges and barriers submitted in the first webinar event.


Apr 22 2021


9:00 am - 10:30 am




  • Vincent McCoy
    Vincent McCoy

    Develops strong, cooperative relationships with Public and Private based organizations in support of small organizations that delivered services, financial support and resources used in business and non-profit development. He has over 19 years of small business development and management with the U.S. Small Business Development Administration.

  • Kyle Webb
    Kyle Webb

    A USC Graduate, serves as Chief Financial Officer of Webb Family Enterprises which owns and operates sixteen McDonald’s franchisees, Webb Investments (which has investments in restaurants, real estate, green technology, and other local businesses), CEEM (Cooperative Economic Empowerment Movement) an economic and social empowerment initiative to improve quality of life and opportunities for African Americans, and consults small-to-midsize family businesses.  Kyle’s passion for diversity and inclusion, supports his efforts on the board of the McDonald’s Operators Association of Southern California, the So Cal People Team, Advisory Council of the Inland Empire, the San Bernardino Community College District’s Economic Development and Corporate Training Foundation; and the University of La Verne’s College of Business and Public Management’s Advisory Council. 

  • Timothy Simon
    Timothy Simon

    A former California Public Utilities Commissioner and Appointments Secretary for the State of California. TAS Strategies, his consulting and legal advisory firm, serves clients on utility infrastructure, energy, broadband and financial services. TAS Strategies offers innovative solutions across the entire spectrum of power generation, delivery, and utilization.

  • Mayor Deborah Robertson
    Mayor Deborah Robertson

    Visionary and distinctive leadership style has thrust the City of Rialto into the national spotlight as a recognized leader in the areas of public-private partnerships, business development and job creation. In November 2012 Deborah began her public service career that includes years on the Rialto City Council, leadership positions at the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), and more than 20 years with the California Department of Transportation. In 2019 Deborah Robertson launched Environmental Sustainability Businesses Solutions to address her vision in seeing innovation in technologies advanced to help address the myriad of environmental challenges.

  • Eric Li
    Eric Li

    The key inventor and CEO of BDP (Biological Double-efficiency Process) wastewater treatment technology. He has 15 years of experience managing the research and development of wastewater treatment and recycled water and has managed over 54 full-scale applications of BDP’s technology in Europe, China, U.S. and Taiwan. During his professional career, Mr. Li has held positions as the Project Manager with Oppenheimer Inc., a General Manager with Bundesdruckerei GmbH, the CEO of Business Dada Inc., and more recently, as the CEO of BDP EnviroTech.

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