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Community Clustering and P3 Grants Workshops 

Education/Training and Mentoring on Grants for Priority Projects Intro

Master Hub Sessions on Successes in Data Driven Grants

Master Hub Sessions on Accelerating Multiple Streams of Income/E-Commerce Partnering

Master Hub Sessions on Accelerating Portfolio Building

Master Hub Sessions on Accelerating Asset Ownership

Master Hub Sessions on Stimulus Application - Now What?

Master Hub Sessions on Marketing Your #1 Asset: You

Master Hub Sessions on Accelerating Your Priority Passion Project for Funding

Master Hub Sessions on Grant Clustering: Grants for you/your community

Master Hub Sessions on Radiant and Healthier Financial Living (60 Day Day Accelerator  Mentor Challenges

Access to MHM’s e3p3 Grant Tools, Master Classes, and Grants Library

Receive NRDC Accelerator Fund Mini Grants ($150 - $2,500)

Education/Training on Business Track   (Grants and Referral/Affiliate Network)

Education and Training on Health and Wellness Track  (Grants and Residual Income)

Building Micro Communities Supported by Grants Training – Level 1

Assistance with submitting e3p3 mini grants; 

Training on NRDC Asset Ownership, Access to Capital, and Group Economics, and Investment Portfolio

Being included in Wellness Grants for select groups and populations

Access to e3p3  Grants Library: Grant Concepts, Tools, and Software Applications 

Eligible to Receive NRDC Semi-Annual and Annual Grants ($2,500 - $100,000)

Beneficiary of Professional Portfolio for Investments

Participate in NRDC Group Economics, Asset Ownership, and Access to Capital Projects Training

Micro community Building Training - II

Education/Training on Business Track  Training on Grants Inclusion

Included in  NRDC Grants Awarded

Opportunity to Particiapte in Grant Project Producing  a Qualitative Evaluation on Health and Wellness

Eligible to Receive NRDC Semi-Annual and Annual  Grants $2,500 - $100,000

Access NRDC Solutions Team generated Grants for PPP

Particpation in NRDC Asset Ownership Portfolio

Included in Funded e3p3 Grants


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